At Area Design, LLC, we believe that personalized style is a catalyst for inspiration and discovery. We combine basic design principals, experimental elements and years of professional knowledge to push the boundaries of self expression and design. Driven by lifestyle interests, our penchant for vivid colors, accents and textures add depth to any project. Whether it's for the home or office, Area Design will ensure that every space reflects a story and sets the mood for a meaningful and memorable environment.


Lia Aguirre has helped a number of high-profile clients create inspiring homes and rooms. After completing her collegiate studies in Interior Design at Weber State University, Lia began consulting with clients at a Salt Lake City, Utah-based showroom. Her knack for interior style soon brought her in-house at a design firm in Park City, where she fine-tuned her vision and skills that eventually led her to establish Area Design, LLC. in 2007.