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At Area Design, LLC we believe that personalized style is a catalyst for inspiration and discovery. We combine design principles, experimental elements and years of professional knowledge to push the boundaries of self expression and design. Driven by lifestyle interests, our penchant for color, natural elements, and textures add depth to any project. Whether it's for the home or office, Area Design, LLC will ensure that every space reflects a story and sets the mood for a meaningful and memorable environment.

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Lia Aguirre is the founder and principal designer of Area Design, LLC. She has worked with a number of high-profile clients to create inspiring homes and spaces. Her knack for interior styling, creativity, and down-to-earth vibe is what sets her work apart. 


Area Design, LLC provides design services for small to large-scale residences and businesses. Lia specializes in remodeling and new construction projects. Lia works closely with a team of architects and contractors to make sure your vision and all details are brought to life.

Lia currently resides in Utah with her family and 2 dogs. In her downtime, she loves spending time outdoors, relaxing on the weekend, and remodeling her home. 

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